FOTOT/ Brenda Titanikut: Pamjet e ambienteve luksoze të anijes 400 mln $

Titanic II do të hidhet në lundrim në 2018.

Ai është një kopje identike e gjigandit që u mbyt pas përplasjes me ajsbergun.

Ka kushtuar 400 milionë dollarë dhe përveç funksioneve motorike dhe inxhinierike, çdo gjë është kopje e anijes Titanik.

Mobilimi i saj është bërë bazuar në atë të Titanikut të famshëm.

Ja disa prej pamjeve të brendshme të Titanic II:


The grand staircase, recreated in this rendering, remains one of the most famous features of the original ship, which set sail in April 1912

The grand staircase on White Star Line ships, including the Titanic and Olympic, was reserved for first class passengers only

The first class smoking room was a private space for male passengersThis rendering shows the smoking room

Café Parisien, one of the original Titanic's dining options for wealthier passengers, will be recreated on the replica ship 

Café Parisien, for first class passengers, was designed to have the appearance and feel of a sidewalk cafe in the French capital

Titanic's 6ft deep pool was filled with salt waterThe replica's pool will stay true to that on board the original

The original Titanic was the largest ship in the world when it set sail on its ill-fated maiden voyage from Southampton to New York in 1912

First class staterooms were decorated with walnut, sycamore, mahogany and oak panelling

Some of the world's wealthiest people stayed in first class staterooms

Plans for the first class dining saloon on board Titanic II call for it to be designed in the same Jacobean style as the originalWith white panelling throughout, the first class dining room was nearly 115ft long and spanned the entire width of the ship

Second class staterooms on board the Titanic featured wardrobes, mahogany bunk beds and a sofa that converted into a bed

Titanic II's second class rooms will feature replicas of old wardrobes

Edward Smith was the captain of the RMS Titanic on its maiden voyage

On Titanic II, some of the elements will be retained purely for historic significance but will not be functionalTitanic's Marconi Room had a state-of-the-art system that allowed passengers to send electronic messages to those on land

Titanic II will recreate the original's Marconi Room

Blue Star Line, owned by Australian businessman Clive Palmer, will stick to the original detail of the Titanic (pictured: Turkish bath)

While modern cruise ships boast robot bartenders and giant slides, the Titanic II will feature a gym with Edwardian equipment

Like the original, first class cabins on board Titanic II will feature beds with curtains, wood panelling and his and hers sinks 

First class passengers on board the Titanic sailed in the lap of luxury and had access to electric lifts with attendants and sofas

The bridge on Titanic II will be designed according to modern regulations and feature state-of-the-art technology

The RMS Titanic is pictured in Belfast before it made its way to Southampton ahead of its maiden voyage in April 1912

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