FOTOT/ “Fantazmat e Tanzanisë”: Tragjedia e albinove që përdoren si gjah

Historia e tyre është pasqyruar shpesh në mediat perëndimore megjtihatë askush nuk u ka ardhur në ndihmë.

Bëhet fjalë për albinot e Tanzanisë.

Ata gjuhen nga mjekët popullorë të cilët besojnë se pjesë të trupit të tyre janë magjike.

Shpesh albinot vriten ose gjymtohen për t’u marrë pjesë të trupit.

Albinot e Tanzanisë jetojnë mes frikës dhe terrorit dhe rrallë dalin në publik.

Një fotograf italian, Claudio Simunno, ka fotografuar disa prej tyre.

Realiteti i albinove është me të vërtetë i dhimbshëm.


A man suffering from the rare condition, which leads to persecution in Tanzania and other African countries, smiles for a photograph

A young boy with albinism poses for a photograph next to a friend who does not carry the genetic condition

Albinism is triggered by a lack of melanin - the pigment which colours the body's eyes, skin and hair

A young albino child, photographed at one of the retreats set up to protect the community, plays with a drinking mugAlbinos are often attacked, killed or mutilated in Tanzania due to a belief their body parts contain magical propertiesA small child sits on its mother's lapA group of albino children play together at an orphanage that is protected by a surrounding high wall and barbed wire

Albino children at the orphanage are able to carry out school work and their education without fear of being attacked

A group of children sit on a top bunk together at the orphanage safe from being attacked by people hoping to use their body parts in witch doctors' spells and potions

An albino woman sits at a desk where she undertakes her daily work. Albinism causes extremely pale hair, skin and eyes

The condition also causes a eyesight problems and a sensitivity to light. Pictured in an albino woman bathing a small child 

Albinos represent one in every approximately 1,400 births in Tanzania - the largest proportion of any African country

Children in the orphanage play together in this poignant photograph of Africa's often harassed and persecuted albino community

Witch doctors believe albinos' body parts contain magical properties and their use in potions fuels attacks and persecution

Two teenagers at the orphanage do their homework together while sitting in a hallway in the safe camp

Italian photographer Claudio Simunno captured the poignant images of the African country's albino community during a trip last year

An albino man poses with his family, none of whom suffer from the rare condition

Albinos are known as 'ghost people' in Tanzania due to their appearance. However, they are persecuted and often mutilated or killed

A young boy stares at the camera while sitting between the legs of a carer in a small village in Tanzania

The photographs of the albino community were taken by Italian photographer Claudio Simunno

Photographer Claudio Simunno

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