FOTOT/ Salma tregon gjoksin e saj të famshëm

Ajo është një aktore e talentuar.

Por, Salma Hayek është e famshme edhe për gjoksin dhe format e saj seksi.

Dhe, për ta vërtetuar këtë, edhe pse tashmë 48 vjeçe, Salma ka ekspozuar gjoksin e saj ndërsa është shfaqur në premierën e filmit të saj të fundit, The Prophet on Monday night.



Show-stopper: Salma has been in Lebanon promoting her new film, picking the perfect place because it is the late poet Gibran's native 

Youthful: Salma, at 48, looked utterly flawless with decolletage on show and a face full of impeccable make-up

Leading the premiere: Salma brought the premiere to Lebanon to make it the first time they've ever shown a world premiere of a film

Photographer frenzy: The Mexican-American actress caused a frenzy in front of the photographers on Monday

Silver stunner: She topped off the outfit with a matching bagPrincess: Tightly-curled ringlets fell down her back in an exquisite manner

All eyes: Salma had everyone's attention as she waved proudly to the audience on Monday 

Telling a story: The Prophet tells the story of a young girl who finds the voice she lost through her friendship with a poet imprisoned for his ideas.

Labour of love: The actress has called the movie a 'love letter to my heritage'

Bringing it to the big screen: Kahlil Gibran's works are some of the biggest selling poetry collections of all time 

Kiss kiss: The stunning starlet was without her faithful husband François-Henri Pinault on the trip

Youthful: Salma appeared to have tapped into the fountain of youth while in Lebanon

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